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powerful selling tools

Powerful selling tools

The easiest sales you’ll ever make

Product recommendations account for 10-30% of e-commerce revenue. If you’re not making strategic suggestions to shoppers at buying time, you’re missing a golden opportunity.

A seamless buying experience

Nearly 20% of abandoned carts drop off because checkout is too complicated. Navigating back and forth to a shopping cart adds friction. With sliding carts and floating icons, shoppers can purchase from anywhere on site, boosting conversion.

Results, fast

Easy install

Slide Cart is built to get you up and running in minutes with native integration to your Shopify theme. Need customizations? No problem. Enjoy a backend intuitive enough for anyone to use - coder or not.

Market-leading support

Don’t take our word for it. Read our reviews (seriously, take a look). When customers ask for new integrations, customizations, or even just help getting started, we’re on it quicker than you can shout “I want to boost my conversion rate!”

results fast
Ecommerce Cart Features

Packed with punchy features

cart upsell & cross sell
Cart Upsell & Cross Sell

Help customers find products they love by recommending top-selling and related products, directly from their shopping cart.

floating cart
Floating Cart

Customers can view carts and check out instantly, wherever they are on your website, without disrupting the shopping experience.

customer rewards
Customer Rewards

Motivate and delight shoppers with discounts or free shipping for hitting spend targets.

easy implementation
Easy Implementation

A simple and intuitive backend so anyone, no matter their technical ability, can install and get started in minutes.


Keep shoppers up to date on promotions, new product drops, contests, and more, right in their shopping cart.


Auto-match your existing theme, or tinker with accent colors, font sizes, positions, and functionality.

seamlessly integrated
Seamlessly Integrated

Slide Cart is compatible out of the box with ReCharge, PageFly, Shogun, BEST Currency Converter, GemPages, Wiser, Bold Subscriptions, Monster Quantities, Checkout-X, Awesome Quantity, and many more.

packed with punchy features
#1 Shopify cart platform

The easiest way to delight shoppers and boost sales

streamlined setup

Streamlined setup

“I wasted about AN HOUR mucking around with another app (which was more expensive). Came across Slide Cart and boom it was set up. Quick, Simple, Easy, I'm so impressed!”

Little Mango - New Zealand
responsive support

Responsive support

“This is by far the best cart drawer app in the Shopify app store as of this review. The app developers genuinely care about their service and support. I say crush that install button if you’re in the market for a slide cart.”

Vidlogix - United States
rich integrations

Rich integrations

“This is the best slide out cart you can use for Shopify. It is incredibly feature-rich with upsells, integrations and a shipping reward calculator all built in and they work flawlessly. The support team is incredibly helpful too!”

Race Provisions - New Zealand
simple to use

Simple to use

“Fantastic, easy-to-use app with outstanding support who are very quick to resolve issues. Would recommend it!”

UpCircle Beauty - United Kingdom
beautiful design

Beautiful design

“Really happy with Slide Cart - looks great with our website and we're already seeing increased order values. Great support too! Recommend!”

Harlow Harry - Australia
customisable features

Customizable features

“10/10 support and the app is the perfect addition to our store with plenty of customisable features. Would recommend!”

Barney Cools - Australia

A word from our merchants

SM Property

The application is amazing, really boosted my conversion. We ran into some issues when going multilanguage on the website, but the support was very responsive and helpful!

Barney Cools


This app is amazing. We have several stores and use it on all of them. Support is amazing. The cart is extremely customizable, and there are so many great features to help increase conversion, 100% recommend.


SM Property

This is the app you want. I tried every single cart app in the Shopify store. Usually there is something that doesn't work or the layout just looks cheap. This one was my last option and I hit the jackpot with it.



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