Alberto Rodriguez
July 28, 2022

What is Shopify Cart Rewards

In-cart rewards are a sales tool that reinforces customers' purchase behaviour, increasing your store conversion rate.

Encouraging customers to purchase your products, in return for exclusive offers and rewards is an effective strategy for driving customer engagement.

Incentivising and rewarding purchases as part of your rewards program will boost your store conversion rate as customers are much more likely to complete those actions.

Benefits of In-Cart Rewards

1. Improved customer experience

Customers love seamless reward experiences that don't interrupt the shopping process. The in-cart redemption feature ensures that your customers can instantly enjoy the benefits.

2. Conversion Rate Boost

In-cart rewards increase conversion rate. Users are encouraged to complete their purchase when they are incentivized by rewards. It has a significant impact on their purchase decision.

3. Reduce Shopping Cart abandonment

The key to increasing first-time purchase conversion is to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Rewards are very effective at reducing shopping cart abandonment, a problem that retailers face on a regular basis. Rewards remove friction and boost sales.

Why it is important for Shopify sellers

In-Cart Rewards allow Shopify merchants to increase Average Order Value and maximize profitability. Rewards help Shopify sellers cut back on acquisition costs and boost customer retention.

With reward redemption at checkout, customers will be delighted by surprise savings at checkout instead of being scared away by unexpected fees.

Shopify Rewards Ideas

First time purchase discounts‍

It is easy to reduce the inherent friction of the first purchase with a compelling discount.

Next purchase discounts‍

Customers will feel like they are getting a deal while you will make another sale. In order to create a sense of urgency around the next purchase, you can even place a time limit on the discount.

Free Shipping‍

Free shipping is a popular reward to help save your customers the cost of sending orders. It's well known to increase average order value and conversion rates.

Expedited Shipping‍

If you can't offer free shipping, this is a solid alternative. Giving customers the option to accelerate their shipping is also important, especially if you offer free standard shipping.

Free Returns

A simple return process provides customers with the assurance they can reverse a bad decision.

Free upgrades

Sometimes, retailers offer free upgrades in order to incentivize sales. For example, a free upgrade to the premium model or a larger size.


Making customers able to customize products contributes to exclusivity. Consumers are more likely to value products that feel like they are getting a one-of-a-kind product.

Free Gifts

Giveaways help build stronger emotional connections with your customers. Offering gifts makes consumers feel valued and appreciated. Smart Shopify sellers offer free samples, company branded goodies or promotional products to boost their sales.

Mystery box

Surprise is a powerful marketing tool.  Shopify brands create mystery boxes to harness attention and encourage sales. It may help you clean up your unsold inventory as well.

Free Wrapping

Mostly a seasonal tactic, some sellers delight their customers and enrich their experience by offering free wrapping, along with a touching personalized message.Free Installation/ set-upYou may want to offer this complimentary service to new customers if your product or service requires complicated installation or setup.


Whenever a customer makes a purchase, you can donate on their behalf. It's a win-win situation, as it allows companies to boost their business goals while supporting social causes.


Contests are an effective acquisition tactic and they can be used to drive engagement and revenue growth for Shopify stores. Shopify merchants can align contests with store events (such as flash sales or product launches).

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