Alberto Rodriguez
September 23, 2022

What is Shopify Cart Announcements

A cart announcement is a public statement used by eCommerce merchants to inform their customers about sales, promotions, new product releases, events and any other store updates.

Smart Shopify sellers use announcements to highlight product benefits and unique selling points.

Benefits of In-Cart announcements

1. Keep customers in the loop‍

It lets your customers know about important news. If you have something important to communicate, this is the perfect location.

2. Highly effective‍

Dropping an important message for your customers in your cart will ensure your visitors don't miss out. Announcements in-cart have the power to reinforce your primary Call-To-Action and push customers through the conversion funnel.

3. Increased customer engagement‍

Customer engagement can be boosted with cart announcements. In-cart messages can help you create a positive customer experience and drive repeat purchases.

Why it is important for Shopify sellers

Shopify retailers use announcement bars to highlight deals and promotions. The messages are displayed at the ideal time, since the shopping cart is a critical component of the purchasing funnel.

Cart announcement ideas

Highlight a recently released product‍

Notify Shoppers of New Items. Shoppers love to see the latest additions to any store.

Call out

Draw attention to unique selling points and important product details and benefits.

Link to your blog posts

Your own visitors will have more chances to find and read your article. Internal links benefit your blog post's SEO ranking as well.

Advertise a promotion

Create a promotion that gives your audience an explicit incentive to buy. With the right approach, your promotion can capture a new cohort of shoppers and nurture them into long-term customers.

Keep customers updated on Shipping

Let users know if you have a shipping delay or holiday shipping updates.

Feature a recent customer story

If relevant, throw in some stats from a recent case study or customer success story in order to boost social proof in the last segment of your sales funnel.

Promote an upcoming event or webinar

Keep your customers updated on any upcoming event to increase customer engagement.

Offer a free giveaway or download

When done right, a giveaway can help your brand secure some extra sales by incentivizing indecisive customers, and generally increase your exposure and customer engagement.

Link to your FAQ page

Add a link to your FAQ page to address your prospect's objections, remove friction and smooth out your sales process.

Add follow links for your social media accounts

A Cart Announcement may be a great place to feature links to your social media profiles. It helps build trust and increase your following base.

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