Alberto Rodriguez
August 25, 2021

What is Cart Cross Sell in Shopify?

What is Cart Cross Sell 

Cart Cross Sell is a marketing automation technique for eCommerce in which the seller encourages customers to spend more by adding additional, related or complementary items to the shopping cart.

Cart Cross Sell vs. Cart Upsell

Similarly to Cross Sell, Upsell also aims to increase revenue and average order value. However,  Upsell entices the customer to spend more on a higher-end product than the one being purchased.

The power of upselling & cross-selling

Product recommendations account for 10 to 30% of eCommerce site revenue, according to Forrester research analyst Sucharita Kodali.

As marketing techniques, upselling and cross-selling are highly effective. Some smart businesses are capitalizing on this trend by focusing their energy on generating as much revenue as possible for the customers that have stepped into the sales funnel.

Benefits of Cross Sell & Upsell

Revenue boost.  Upselling and cross-selling in the cart allow you to offer highly targeted deals with a great chance of success.

Customer delight. Being able to provide your customers with what they want without compromising makes them happier over time.

Why it is important for Shopify sellers

As they aim to expand, one of the business metrics Shopify business owners try to increase is the Average Order Value.

What is Average Order Value (AOL)

Average Order Value (AOV) is the average amount customers spend when they make a purchase.
Shopify customers can find this number (along with many other reports) in their Customer reports.

Marketing automation for Shopify sellers

Your cross-sell and upsell items can be manually entered, but there are several potential problems with this process, including the fact that it cannot scale and will not adapt dynamically to your customer's browsing behaviors.

With a specialized app like Slide Cart, Shopify merchants can get the process automated, gaining efficiency and scalability.

Shopify cross-selling  and upselling Examples to inspire your campaigns

‍Best selling products‍

Show your customers the most popular, trendiest products in your store. This is probably the simplest upselling technique and it works very well for e-Commerce stores of all sizes.

Free Shipping

Research shows that a significant amount of customers increase the size of their orders if it qualifies them for free shipping. It can entice customers to buy more, give them an incentive to buy right away, and give merchants an edge over the competition.

Related products

Featuring related products, and  "Frequently bought together"items, in your shopping cart provides a great user experience. Your customers will find it 100% relevant and you will love the extra revenue that comes from it.

Recently viewed

This will help your customers find the products they have visited in the past, prompting them to complete the purchase. It's an easy way to encourage impulse purchases.

Larger sizes

Bigger items give the impression of increased value and make it easier for you to justify the extra cost. This upselling technique is very common in stores selling electronic devices, for example.


Add-on sales may represent a source of significant revenue and profits to an e-Commerce business. Once a buyer has committed to buying the base model, adding on options can substantially boost the final purchase price.

Added features

Customers will consider paying a bit more if they get premium features. By introducing new functions or capabilities to your existing users, you can produce a sense of value.

New arrivals

New arrivals highlight a new product and inform the reader about its details. You can use it to announce a new product release, a limited-edition item, or a new collection.

Seasonal offers

Seasonal promotions are special offers, discounts or limited edition items tied to an event during the year.

Bulk purchase

Have you ever thought about selling goods in bulk at a cheaper or discounted price to retailers. Selling wholesale can speed up your business's growth in several ways. Fulfilment costs will also see an overall reduction (per unit) since you'd be shipping in bulk.

Subscription model

A subscription model provides merchants with the business sustainability they desire. If done right, it can help you steadily grow your e-Commerce business.

Protection plans

If you sell expensive products, you should consider offering insurance as a cart upsell when your customers add the product to the shopping cart.

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