TCC Team
March 17, 2022

Accordion Tabs: the Easiest Way to Optimize Your Product Pages

Designing an engaging product page that captures the attention of your potential customers is the key to increasing your sales. Each page requires clear, detailed images of the product along with complete yet concise information. Include descriptions, sales information, and frequently asked questions.

How do you organize all this content in a streamlined and aesthetically pleasing way that is easy to navigate while delivering all the pertinent information? Accordion tabs are the perfect solution. Discover what an accordion is, the benefits for your eCommerce business, and how to implement an accordion on your product pages.

What Is an Accordion?

An accordion is a menu that consists of vertically stacked headers that can be expanded or closed when clicked. They are an excellent way to organize your information to make it less busy and confusing.

Accordions work to shorten the content displayed on the page and reduce the need to scroll to find what you're looking for. Users can select the topic they want to read about and click on that header to open the content. When finished, another click collapses the content to prevent the user from being overwhelmed with information.

Using accordions makes it easier to read content and view the main topics of information at a glance. They are also a great way to arrange your product information in a clear progression that makes sense. You can start with basic information and add additional tabs to provide advanced product descriptions, sales, and shipping information, along with FAQs. This type of page layout is easier to use and keeps the focus on the main feature of the page; your product photos.

What Are the Benefits for Shopify Sellers?

Shopify is a popular eCommerce site that gives entrepreneurs a place to set up and manage their businesses. Implementing accordion tabs in your page design has several important benefits for your customers.

Improved UX

User experience is crucial to keeping the interest and attention of your potential customers. Your product pages should be designed to communicate the important details of what you're selling. Accordion tabs improve the experience by letting your customers see the big picture as soon as they navigate to your product page.

When more information is desired, they can select which of the headings addresses the topic they want to read about. An accordion tab design minimizes the need to scroll through content searching for answers. They are also a great alternative to links that send users to a separate page. Both of these can present a problem and cause your customers to get frustrated and leave your page without making a purchase.

Increased Customer Engagement

Accordion tabs put your customers in control of the content they are viewing. They have quick access to several relevant topics with a few clicks.

This page structure is excellent for both large and small screens. Accordions condense and organize the necessary information, making them a good choice for pages that customers are likely to view on a mobile app. Accordions provide the same level of quality and customer engagement no matter what device your customers are using.

Increased Sales

Another benefit of using accordions on your Shopify product pages is increased sales. The headers on accordion tabs are outstanding for SEO and can increase your visibility in search results, leading to more page views.

The improved layout and usability keep potential customers engaged as they scan through your content, making them more likely to purchase your products. Accordions also eliminate the need to add confusing hyperlinks to direct your customers to new pages. Too many open windows can cause your customer to get discouraged when they attempt to find their way back to the right page and content. This can lead to losing out on a sale.

How to Implement an Accordion in Your eCommerce Store

The two main ways you can implement accordions in your eCommerce store are by using the right custom code or through a specialized app.

Custom Code

If you have a working knowledge of codes or are willing to learn, you can add the appropriate custom code to your product pages to allow you to format them. As a basic overview, you'll need to copy and paste the code into the appropriate place on your template, and then paste in the code when you're creating your content pages.

Specialized Apps

Specialized apps are another method that allows you to use additional features and easily structure your pages. Advanced Product Descriptions is an app that helps you simplify the process of adding accordions. It's easy to use and has two versions. Use the free starter plan or select the premium plan to add accordion tabs to an unlimited number of product pages.

The process is fast and allows you to choose your theme and then further customize it to represent your style and brand. Make your product descriptions better with accordion tabs to organize your content.

Other Product Page Elements to Improve the UX

There are so many products to choose from that you must make an effort to stand out and capture the attention of potential customers. Product page elements to enhance your design are a skilful way to do this.

You can use several specialized apps to make your page more interesting, informative, and trustworthy. Include product reviews to showcase positive customer experiences and encourage new customers to buy your product. Change up the font to reflect your branding style. Add an event calendar to inform customers of upcoming events, or an appointment scheduler so they can book a service. Frequent updates and seasonal changes are other good ways to keep your content fresh.

Accordions allow you to organize your content in a cohesive manner that is easy to follow. This lets you create quality content with advanced product descriptions and other features to enhance user experience, boost your sales, and achieve success.

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